One of our strengths: flexibility

One of our strengths: flexibility

Our many years of experience to support customer’s needs

Our many years of experience to support customer’s needs

The company


Ma-Ter is a mid-sized company located in the province of Milan which is in the business of manufacturing measuring instruments for pressure control, in particular pressure gauges to be applied in the field of maintenance and construction of roads, cement factories, bales-shaping machines and other machinery.

Since the ‘90s, the design and production of pressure gauges and solenoid valves for industrial applications has been included in the company's production activities, raising the company's technological and production level. The know-how acquired over time by the technicians has allowed them to establish and develop a partnership relationship with customers, leading to a process of advanced product customisation that can satisfy the different market requirements as far as possible.

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Pressure Switches

Used in the household appliance, coffee, heating, air conditioning and water treatment sectors. They are also used in the medical and pneumatic sectors


Devices suitable for measuring and controlling pressure, used in all pneumatic, hydraulic and oil-hydraulic industrial sectors.


Used mainly in the household appliance sector and domestic and professional ironing equipment


They ensure a more linear and accurate pressure control compared to traditional pressure gauges.

Solenoid Valves

Suitable for handling various fluids, air and steam

Our products in the world

Ma-ter exports its products all over the world: France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, England, Turkey, China, Serbia, India, United States.


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